My Visitor Visa Was Refused, Can I Re-Apply?

Yes, you can always re-apply for a Visitor Visa. However, a re-application following a refusal is always a bit more complex given that this refusal remains on your history. Although an immigration officer may not simply refused a Visitor Visa for the sole reason that you were refused in the past, this nonetheless affects your application. This is why is it important to submit a well-prepared Visitor Visa application following a refusal with relevant supporting documentation.


In order to obtain a Visitor Visa, you need to demonstrate the reasons for your travel to Canada, sufficient funds for your trip as well as evidence that you will return to your home country upon expiration of your Visitor Status. There are many other factors that may positively or negatively affect your Visitor Visa application and these must be adequately reflected in your application. Please consult our immigration consultants prior re-apply.