I Was Refused My Post-Graduate Work Permit As The College I Attended Was Not Qualified, What Can I Do?

I am currently in Canada on a study permit, and I was recently refused my post-graduate work permit as the college I attended was a private college, and is not qualified for the purpose of the post-graduate work permit program.  What should I do?  I did not know that the college was not qualified, and now I have a two-year diploma and no work permit!

This is a rather unfortunate and difficult situation, and you are not alone as many students were misinformed about their colleges.  Depending on your particular circumstances, you can either ask your prospective employer to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the position they wish to offer you, or you can go back to a qualified college and obtain a new diploma.

You should obtain detailed consultancy from our immigration consultants based on your particular circumstances to determine the best course of action.