I was Denied Entry At The Canadian Border even though I have been issued a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) – Why?

I have obtained a single entry visitor visa and arrived at Toronto Pearson International airport port of entry.  I was denied entry as the CBSA officer suspected that I was not a genuine visitor. Is it possible that the Canadian High Commission issued a visa, but the CBSA officer at the airport refuse my entry? I had to return back to my own country where I came from, and I am not clear if I will be allowed to return in future. What is my option?

Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) officers always have the authority to decide whether to admit a person to Canada. In another words even when you have obtained a TRV or a person from Visa free country, it is not a guarantee of admission to Canada. A CBSA officer at the port of entry must ensure and satisfied that the person is not inadmissible to Canada and will abide by the law while here. If the CBSA officer found that this person is not a genuine visitor, usually was due to the person answers to the officer’s questions. For instance, if a person enters Canada with insufficient funds, unclear plans, and no return flight ticket, the officer may suspect if that person has intention to remain in Canada indefinitely. Another example, the officer discovers that the person intends to work without a lawful work permit; the officer can refuse on this basis. In your scenario, you will need to re-apply for the Temporary Resident Visa again, to travel to Canada. However, before attempting to do so, you should obtain an appropriate advice from our immigration consultants so that you can clarify your clear intentions and avoid future refusal at the port of entry.