I Want To Sponsor My Spouse To Canada, How Does It Work?

In order to sponsor your spouse to Canada, you must submit a sponsorship application. First you must qualify as a sponsor and your spouse must also be considered a member of the family class.

Given that there are a lot of sponsorship applications being submitted which do not qualify, immigration has very strict rules when assessing these applications.

It is crucial to submit the application carefully with all the required documents, the ones listed on the immigration website as well as other documents which are not listed and can be provided to you by an immigration lawyer. An incomplete application may cause long delays as well as the potential refusal of your application. Submitting a well-organized application will most likely result in your application being processed faster.


You must also demonstrate that your relationship with your spouse is permanent and genuine. This is foremost important. It is important to submit strong supporting documents for this even though you may have children together or if you have been in a relationship for many years.

It is best to consult with our immigration consultants to discuss the entire sponsorship process, as there are many elements to consider.