I Am Attending A Conference In Canada; Do I Need A Work Permit?

Our Ontario-based company conducts business in several countries around the world, including in China, Singapore, the United States and United Kingdom.  We have many foreign workers in Canada from various countries, as well.  We are organizing a worldwide summit to bring key people from our various offices to Toronto for a five-days conference.  Several of the foreign managers will be asked to provide speeches and conduct seminars during the conference, and we were wondering if there would be any issue with that.  Does a work permit requires considered this as part of work?

A person entering Canada to attend the conference would be considered business visitors.  For those who are giving speeches, conducting seminars or workshops, or giving corporate training, they are exempt from obtaining a work permit pursuant to section 186(j) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, as long as the event last no longer than five days. It is a good idea to seek advice well in advance from our immigration consultants.