Do I Qualify For The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program?

We are from China and are interested in making an investment in the Province of Ontario and we have been reviewing the requirements of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. We find the information somewhat confusing. Could you advise how many applicants can apply if they make a total investment of $5 million CAD, and what the requirements are?

Many potential applicants are confused about the requirements of the Ontario PNP because the materials available are not exceptionally clear. Ontario’s Investor program requires a minimum investment of $3 million CAD, and the hiring of at least 5 employees. Applicants for immigration can apply either as investor nominees or as foreign worker nominees. Both investor and foreign worker applicants must meet the minimum requirements for “Foreign Workers” which require that they be necessary for the success of the business, be offered positions in the company that are either management, professional or technical (NOC A, B or 0), possess two years of relevant experience in the past five years, and be paid market wages. Investor applicants must also meet additional requirements, including a minimum investment of $1 million CAD (which must be not for the sole purpose of deriving only interest, dividends or capital gains, and not redeemable by specific date), and be actively involved in the ongoing management of the business. For the first applicant (either investor or foreign worker), there must be 5 net jobs created for Canadians or permanent residents. For each applicant thereafter, a further job must be created for a Canadian or permanent resident. As the number of applicants will depend on the type of applicant (investor or foreign worker) and the number of net jobs to be created for Canadians or permanent residents, I cannot provide an exact answer to your question regarding the number of applicants that will qualify in your situation. I highly recommend that you obtain specific advice or consultation from our immigration consultants on the planning; structure and implementation of your business plan to maximize your success under the program.