Can I Continue Working If My Post-Graduate Work Permit Expires And I Have A Pending CEC Application?

I am in Canada on a post-graduate work permit, which will expire in three months. I have applied for permanent residence in the Canadian Experience Class and I am still waiting for the application to be finalized. I would like to continue working for my employer and have been told that I need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment and a new work permit. Is that process difficult? What is involved?

Applicants who are in Canada on a valid work permit and are waiting for their permanent residence applications to be completed can apply for a special bridging open work permit. To be eligible for a bridging open work permit, the applicant must be in Canada, have valid status on a work. To confirm whether you are eligible, contact an immigration consultant. For applicants who do not qualify, the employer must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment. In cases where the employer is extending work for an existing PGWP holder, the rules for LMIAs are relaxed, and it would be advisable for your employer to seek consultancy from our immigration consultant.